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What Makes Your Supplements Different?

Our products are formulated to help people lose weight safely without dangerous side effects.  When taking our supplements, many clients report no longer craving unhealthy fatty foods, so they are able to eat healthy balanced meals during the day. Our supplements will: effectively suppress your appetite, increase your energy level without feeling jittery, promote a feeling of good well-being, and detox your body. Many of our supplements increase your body’s fat burning process through thermogenesis by heating your body from the inside out and boosting your metabolism. Many natural herbs included in our supplements are thermogenic and burn fat naturally, such as: green tea and bee pollen.

Which Supplement is Right For Me?

Most of our clients start with Xcel Burn, which is a thermogenic blend.  These formulas are some of our best sellers and are extremely effective!   Every body is different so find the product the works the best for you.  We have provided regimens from our clients who have given feedback on their weight loss success.  After the initial 3 months of starting our products on one of the following regimens, feel free to choose from any of the products we provide in order to continue losing weight.

During the first 3 months of weight loss, many of our client report success using one of the following regimens:

        1.      Slim 1 Advanced

For customers who have never taken our supplements before, we recommend starting with  Xcel Burn.  For the second month, we recommend changing to Slim 1 Advanced.  For the third month, begin continue taking Slim 1 Advanced.  Then, continue with whichever product you feel is the best for you.

        2.      Xcel Burn/Slim 1 Advanced/

For the first month, take the Xcel Burn , thermogenic formula that is made to boast your metabolic rate.  For the second month, begin taking Slim 1 Advanced formula.  For the third month, you can take continue to take Slim 1 Advanced or Xcel Burn

         3.      Sport Athletic Blend Multivitamin

Perfect blend for any Athletic who need to fuel there body with a power mix of nutrients. With over 103 compounds in it. It is the most complete multivitamin on the market.

          4.      Slim 1 Advanced & Xcel Burn

For the first month take Slim 1 Advanced.   For the second month, take Xcel Burn.   For the third month, you can use Xcel Burn or Slim 1 Advacned. These formulas are Bee Pollen free and will still provide excellent results!

Should I Do Anything Before Starting My Weight Loss Supplements?

We highly recommend doing a basic cleanse prior to starting the weight loss supplements in order to rid your body of toxins that could prevent weight loss.  Our 15 Day Cleanse is very effective when taken 7 days prior to starting the weight loss supplement.  Combine the cleanse with digestive enzymes to further increase your cleanse results!  This is the most popular cleansing combination our customers use to jump start their weight loss process.

What Do I Do If I Hit A Plateau with My Weight Loss?

The average client hits a plateau after about 3-4 months. This is due to the body getting used to the product. During the first month, you should lose the most weight, and not reach the plateau until after 3 months. If you have not lost any weight after 1 month, you can either switch to an alternate formula or take one of our boost capsules.

What Is A Boost Capsule?

Our Boost Capsules come in 2 formulas: BTrim or Extreme.  Clients will need to add a boost capsule if they are not losing weight, even after switching formulas.  By adding a Boost Capusle, many clients can break the plateau and begin to lose weight.  The Boost capsules work synergistically with  Insane Amp’d, Slim 1 Advanced. Xcel Advanced.

Simply add one Boost Capsule to the weight loss supplement you are taking for one month.  Take one Boost Capsule every time you take a weight loss supplement throughout the day.

What Do I Do After I Reach My Weight Loss Goals?

Once you have reached your desired weight, continue to take one capsule a day (of the formula of your choice) for the next 30 days in order to reset your body’s metabolism. This should ensure that you are able to keep the weight off with little to no maintenance.  We also recommend that you cleanse your system every six months to avoid toxin build-up in your digestive tract. Maintaining a healthy, balanced meal plan will help to maintain permanent weight loss.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Clients report that the most frequent side effects are:

Dry mouth/throat: 

If this occurs, increase your water intake.  This will help weight loss, toxin cleansing, and boost metabolism


This could indicate not eating or drinking enough water.  Make sure that you eat small meals throughout the day and are drinking 8+ glasses of water.

Trouble falling asleep/interruption in sleep: 

This could occur during the first 1-2 weeks of supplement use due to your body getting used to the supplements.

Do I Need To Change My Diet?

You will naturally crave less sugary, fatty foods.  Adding high fiber, healthy foods to your diet will always help with weight loss.  Make sure you drink plenty of water daily.

Can I Drink Alcohol?

Yes, you may drink alcohol.  However, alcohol is a toxin and can cause dehydration.  Therefore, the supplements may not be as effective.  Make sure to drink extra water in order to remain hydrated.

Will My Bowel Movements Change?

During the first few weeks of taking the capsules, it is likely that you will have more frequent bowel movements due to the detoxification process.  After a few weeks, your bowel habits should return to a more regular schedule.

Why Do I Have Increased Sweating?

The increased sweating indicates that the supplements are working and the thermogenic process is increasing your body’s metabolism. Increasing your water intake will help with keeping your body cooler and hydrated.  Note: these effects can get more intense the longer you use the supplements.

Who Should Not Take These Supplements?

If you are pregnant or nursing, these supplements are not recommended.  Do not take if you have ongoing heart issues or other medical problems.  As always, contact your physician with any concerns regarding taking weight loss supplements or if you are taking any other medications. Always check with a doctor when starting a new supplement plan and or exercise.

Product Quality & Capsules Color’s, types

All of our products are originals from the manufactories. From time to time there could be a slightly different look to the capsules that differ from when you first received the product. We cannot control or be held responsible for this.  Where there is tens of thousand capsules being made this could happen. We do NOT use knock off or relabeled supplements. The manufacture could change the capsules types at any time and may not notify the distributors right away.

What do I do if I hit a plateau?

It is not uncommon to plateau. Some things you can do are change your training routine. Change your supplement as your body may have become used to it and could reduce effects of it. Drink more water, this is great for you body and will help flush out your system.

Lost items & shipping Questions?

We ship First Class Mail with the USPS. It can take any where from 2-5 days normally depending on your location. All orders are shipped out within 24 hours of being placed (excluding sundays). You can request insurance for your orders or faster shipping for additional charges. When order is processed you will receive an email confirmation with tracking number. If insurance is not requested and we have delivery confirmation we are NOT responsible if it is lost or stolen once it is delivered to your location.

Refunds for products?

We do not give refunds for products that you may feel did not work. There is no guarantee that ever supplement will work for you as everyone body responds different to different products. If you have questions about which product may work best for you or need help selecting the proper product please email us at info@sportnutrition1.com

Feel Free To Contact Us With Additional Questions!