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Bouncing Back After Having a Baby

Bouncing Back After Having a Baby

Getting into shape can after a baby can be hard, but it can be done. I will tell you the top five secrets for keeping the baby weight off and how to bounce right back after pregnancies.

The first thing you to need to know is that the healthier you are throughout your pregnancy the better delivery you will have. Studies have shown that women that maintain a healthy workout routine throughout their nine month pregnancy were able to bounce back into shape very soon after a couple weeks of postpartum. Keeping in shape or getting in shape before you get pregnant will greatly increase your chances of having that pre body after delivery.

Well how do you go about getting that post natal delivery body back into shape right after giving birth?  These are five quick steps you could do to help you get your mommy body back into shape.

The first step is Nutrition:

Nutrition plays a major role when getting back into shape and staying in shape. Maintaining healthy eating habits will help you cut out a lot of unnecessary junk and empty calories that do not need to be in your body. Empty calories is anything that does not play a role in giving your body nutrients, the only thing is does it lead to excess fat and over abundance of calories. Empty calories have no nutritional value and most times is just released as waste out of the body. Empty carbs include junk food, starch carbs, soda, etc. Make it a point to eat whole foods that are rich in vital nutrients like organic fresh fruits and vegetables and a variety of whole grains and lots of nuts and legumes.

Being able to eat to the best of your ability not only when you are pregnant but more so after will help to cut the fat and trim those unnecessary baby pounds away a lot easier.

Good Foods You Can Eat

High Protein Meat (chicken, fish, turkey)

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Low Fat Dairy Products

Whole Grain Breads/Oatmeal

The above list is just a small portion of the foods you should be eating to get your old body back. But with some simple research and common sense you should be able to plan a healthy diet to help you bounce back fast!

The second step is Breastfeed:

Yes breast feeding is a great way to lose weight after a having a baby. Not only will breastfeeding help to burn calories 10 times quicker even up to an extra 500 a day! It will help to get your womb back into shape and help give vital energy to your baby at the same time. What a natural way to get back into shape all at the same time.

The Third step is Get Active:

You need to get active even after you have a baby. I told you earlier that if you are able to get in shape and stay healthy before your pregnancy and throughout it. Your body will bounce back a lot quicker. But if not have no fear after your post partum checkup you should be able to start work out again. Incorporate physical activity into your life in the form of walking, running, cycling and swimming. Go to the Gym, hire a personal trainer, go to and buy some workout DVD’s. All these things help to get you back into shape.

The fourth is weight train:

You may not feel that since you are a woman that weight training is for you. However I will tell you that weight training is the most important thing you could do when trying to get your body back after having a baby. Weigh training will help you lose weight twice as fast and make you leaner a whole lot quicker. It gives your body definition in clothing and even in resting state, when you’re not working out it continues to burn calories. This is a major component to getting in shape and staying with it. You could call it a secret weapon.

The fifth is to have a positive attitude:

You may feel that you will never be able to get back into shape, but you need to maintain a positive and realistic attitude. Remember it took your body nine months to make full living breathing human being. Give your body ample enough to get back into shape and renewed from the process it just went through. Keep a positive mind set and know that will a little effort your goal will eventually pay off.

Get Back In Shape Faster

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